Training course: Data assimilation

Data assimilation of atmospheric composition


Nicolas Bousserez (ECMWF)


At ECMWF, atmospheric composition data are assimilated into the IFS as part of the Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Service. On a global scale, atmospheric composition represents the full state of the global atmosphere covering phenomena such as desert dust plumes, long-range transport of atmospheric pollutants or ash plumes from volcanic eruptions, but also variations and long-term changes in the background concentrations of greenhouse gases.

The aim of this lecture is to give an overview of the work that is carried out at ECMWF regarding the assimilation of atmospheric composition data, and to address why this is of interest and which special challenges are faced when assimilating atmospheric composition data.

By the end of the session you should:

• have some understanding of the work carried out at ECMWF to assimilate data of atmospheric composition

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10 May 08:45 - 14 May 17:00

Course code: NWP-DA

Course fee: £890

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