NEXTGenIO Workshop on applications of NVRAM storage to exascale I/O

ECMWF | Reading | 25-26 September 2019

With the Exascale gradually becoming a reality for the supercomputing community, memory and I/O bottlenecks remain two of the key challenges that need to be solved in order for applications to be able to fully exploit the capabilities of these systems. The NEXTGenIO project partners have been collaborating closely over the past four years to design, build and deliver a prototype hardware platform based around new non-volatile memory (NVRAM) technology. In addition to the hardware, the project has also developed a full software stack which is deployed on the prototype and which explores its novel capabilities.

This workshop discussed the usage scenarios for byte-addressable persistent memory and the impact it will have on high-performance computing and data intensive applications. Speakers at the workshop represented the user community, hardware vendors and software tools providers.