All events until the end of 2020 are now planned as remote events.

We are constantly monitoring the COVID-19 situation and hope that 2021 training courses will go ahead as planned. However, if the situation has not improved sufficiently to guarantee safe travel and a safe meeting environment, we will endeavour to hold the courses online. We will keep all registered attendees informed.

ECMWF has an extensive education and training programme to assist Member States and Co-operating States in the training of scientists in numerical weather forecasting, and in making use of the ECMWF forecast products.

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Our advanced training courses in numerical weather prediction (NWP) will give participants an understanding of the underpinning science as well as current research developments. These courses are aimed at scientists working with NWP systems.

The "Use and interpretation of ECMWF products" courses focus on the operational aspects of the ECMWF forecasting system. Their aim is to increase the participant's ability to examine and assess ECMWF output products. It is directed towards those who are (or will be) using ECMWF products either directly as forecasting staff or in research and development work.

2021 calendar

01 Feb - 04 Feb

Training course: Use and interpretation of ECMWF products (for trainers)

15 Mar - 19 Mar

Training course: Parametrization of subgrid physical processes

22 Mar - 26 Mar

Training course: Predictability and ensemble forecast systems

19 Apr - 23 Apr

Training course: Advanced numerical methods for earth system modelling

04 May - 07 May

Training course: EUMETSAT/ECMWF NWP-SAF satellite data assimilation

10 May - 14 May

Training course: Data assimilation

04 Oct - 07 Oct

Training course: Use and interpretation of ECMWF products

Software packages and applications

These courses provide a background on software packages and applications used in the operational production and visualisation of numerical weather predictions. The objective is to familiarise participants with the packages and applications.

2021 calendar

17 May - 21 May

Online computing training week



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