Workshop: Aircraft weather observations and their use

ECMWF | Reading | 12-13 February 2020


Workshop description

Reports from commercial aircraft provide an important and growing input to weather forecasting and other uses.  The main variables used are wind and temperature with some aircraft also providing humidity and turbulence information.  Recent developments include the use of air traffic control Mode-S reports to provide very high density data (particularly winds) over parts of Europe and WICAP (World Meteorological Organisation and International Air Transport Association Collaboration on AMDAR Programme) a collaboration between Aviation and Meteorological communities.

Thus this is a good time to review the status of aircraft observations and consider how they are likely to evolve.  

Workshop aims

  • To inform data users of aircraft observation types, formats and their characteristics and quality
  • To inform the data providers of detailed user requirements
  • For users to share their experience of aircraft data use
  • To provide recommendations for any changes to procedures in the provision or use of aircraft data.


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