Science and Technology Seminar: How the EC's DestinE programme transforms environmental policy making – ESA's and EUMETSAT’s perspectives

| April 8, 2021


Florence Rabier (ECMWF Director-General)


European Space Agency (Toni Tolker-Nielsen)
EUMETSAT (Lothar Wolf)


The European Union (EU) plans to be climate neutral by 2050. For its green transition, the EU plans to fund the development of digital twins of the Earth. For these twins to be more than big data atlases, they must create a qualitatively new Earth system simulation and observation capability using a methodological framework responsible for exceptional advances in numerical weather prediction.

Under the European Commission leadership, and in coordination with the Member States, scientific communities and other stakeholders, three entrusted entities will implement the core platform and the first two digital twins: ECMWF, EUMETSAT and ESA.

Seminar description

This seminar is part of our Science and Technology Seminar Series. Within this series are a set of talks that focus on the development of digital twins in the context of the EU Destination Earth initiative. In this second talk in that set, representatives from EUMETSAT and ESA provided an overview of their components of DestinE; Core Platform and Data Lake.