Challenges for Climate Services

by Dr Daniela Jacob (GERICS, Hamburg)


The need to adapt to climate change has led to the establishment of a new research and service field, called Climate Services. It encompasses a variety of activities and formats, like generation and analysis of data, information sheets, guidance documents, policy briefs and many more. Science-Society dialog is key to develop useful and usable climate services. During the last 2 decades climate services have been developed in very different settings, and today many public and private institutions are active in the field of Climate Services. The development of the European Roadmap for Climate Services was an important milestone and has shaped the market development and led to a success story. Today it is clear that climate services are context specific, non-uniform and often cross-sectoral, ‘Fit for Purpose’ is the solution! Nevertheless, there is still a lot to be done:
Climate Services do not exist in all sectors, exchange with practitioners could be enhanced, sharing experiences world-wide is still difficult and there 
is no agreed quality assurance system in place until now. In addition, there is no clear carrier path towards a climate service expert. And what are the challenges for the next 2 decades?

The talk will elaborate on future challenges and needs for climate services - an emerging field in an era of transformation!