Training course: A hands-on introduction to Numerical Weather Prediction Models: Understanding and Experimenting

ECMWF | Reading | 16-20 May 2022

This training course was held at ECMWF in Reading (UK).

This five-day course is mainly practical based and will draw on numerical weather prediction expertise from across ECMWF and provide an overview of the ECMWF model while giving hands-on sessions to give you confidence to carry out your own experimentation with the OpenIFS model (or the IFS).

It is an opportunity to learn about: the building blocks of the NWP model (physics and dynamics); how to work with the output and input GRIB data and visualise it; technical aspects of compiling and running model code efficiently.

Learning objectives:

  1. understand the core scientific and numerical elements of a NWP model
  2. be able to install, modify and work with the model
  3. conduct experiments using a extreme weather example and manipulate model output.  


Practical sessions will be run in Jupyter Hub / environment; no coding experience is assumed but is an advantage.

A familiarity with the Unix/Linux environment will help with the practical sessions.

16 May (09:10)- 20 May (16:45)

Course code: NWP-HO

Course fee: £900

A course fee is payable by participants who do not reside in an ECMWF Member or Co-operating State.

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