Copernicus contributions to EU climate goals

by Erik Andersson (DG-DEFIS at Eu Commission / ECMWF), Richard Engelen (ECMWF), Sam Burgess (ECMWF)


The Green Deal is Europe’s response to unprecedented global challenges affecting our climate, biodiversity loss, unsustainable resource use, the environment and health.  The target is to become a green Europe with sustainable use of resources, which implies carbon-neutrality by 2050, and ecosystem restoration and protection. Copernicus helps bring the Green Deal into action.

The potential of Copernicus to support the Green Deal is enormous, especially when it comes to securing continuous monitoring and providing data on the past, the present, and the future. Copernicus is a key instrument that will contribute to creating actionable knowledge to leverage the ambitions of the Green Deal.

Erik will introduce EU’s climate goals, Sam will provide an overview of how C3S supports Green Deal policies and Richard will outline how the new CAMS CO2MVS will support the European commitments under the Paris Agreement and the Green Deal.