Annual Seminar 2023

ECMWF | Reading | 4-8 September 2023

Earth System Reanalysis

The 2023 Annual Seminar on Earth System Reanalysis took place from Monday 4 to Friday 8 September 2023 at Shinfield Park in Reading, UK, as an in-person meeting.

Reanalyses provide gapless snapshots of the historical weather and climate, as well as of land surface, ocean and atmospheric composition, using billions of underlying observations in an as consistent and accurate possible manner. Reanalyses are very popular datasets and are used for a wide spectrum of applications. At ECMWF reanalysis not only provides an important tool for climate monitoring but also for many other areas in research and operations.

The seminar provided a general overview of reanalysis activities at ECMWF and around the world, embracing various domains and will explore future pathways towards enhanced coupling between these. Other topics included the range of data assimilation methodologies that are in use, collection of historical observations, validation, inter-comparison, scientific applications, challenges and research.

The seminar is part of ECMWF's educational programme and was aimed at early career scientists as well as more established scientists who want to engage more with reanalysis. Focus was on science and research rather than on the wide range of reanalysis applications.