Webinar: Introduction to Cycle 48r1

09:00-10:00 UTC | March 2, 2023


Andy Brown, ECMWF's Director of Research


ECMWF’s first new scientific model upgrade in the new Data Centre in Bologna, IFS Cycle 48r1, is scheduled for June 2023. 

With IFS Cycle 48r1, the horizontal resolution of the medium-range ensemble (ENS) will increase from 18 to 9 km, bringing it to the same resolution as the high-resolution forecast (HRES). 

Cycle 48r1 will also bring a major upgrade to the configuration of the extended-range ensemble (ENS extended): Rather than being an extension of the medium-range forecasts starting twice a week at day 15 it will be a separate system, running daily from 00 UTC out to day 46 with 101 members. As a result of these configuration changes Cycle 48r1 will offer two sets of re-forecasts, one for the medium range and one for the extended range. 

In this webinar Andy Brown, Director of Research, introduced Cycle 48r1 and its performance.

This webinar was open to all ECMWF data users. You can see a recording here.