Machine learning for numerical weather predictions and climate services - A workshop for ECMWF's Member States

ECMWF | Reading | 27-28 September 2023

Workshop description

At the beginning of 2021 ECMWF published a machine learning roadmap, which presented a vision for how ECMWF would seek to empower its products through cutting edge machine learning. In the intervening two years the field of machine learning, both inside and outside of meteorology, has progressed at breakneck pace. At ECMWF we have made progress on our roadmap, with our first operational machine learning deployment due to go live in the coming months. We have also watched with interest as many Member States follow similar development paths.

This two-day workshop for the national meteorological services of ECMWF's Member States aimed to evaluate our collective progress and continue to plan to the future. We heard your visions for machine learning and how these are progressing at your centres. The workshop featured presentations on some of the key topics in the field, but centred around discussions about the future