Machine Learning pilot project kick-off workshop

ECMWF | Reading | 3-7 June 2024



The ECMWF ML Pilot project is a Member-led project funded by ECMWF (ECMWF/C/107(23)12 Rev.2) with the objective to foster European collaboration on machine learning (ML) for weather forecasting with a focus on the whole forecasting chain (model, analysis, uncertainty estimation, MLops platforms) and high resolution/limited area modelling, as well as training activities. The project is part of a new EUMETNET optional programme on AI and Machine Learning (E-AI), reflecting the strong initiative and motivation of European NMHS to collaborate and advance on these topics.

This kick-off event will officially launch the project activities and bring all project participants together for the first time. The event will be structured to start with a kick-off session (introductions and strategic discussions, decisions), followed by technical presentations, discussions and hands-on hackathon. All project participants are strongly encouraged to join the event on site, however the meeting will be organised as hybrid.

The event will start at 14:00 BST on Monday 3rd June. 


This workshop is restricted to project members. Registration is now closed.