Annual Seminar 2025

Bonn, Germany | 7-11 April 2025

Part of ECMWF's 50-year anniversary celebrations

Seminar theme: Forecasting in a changing climate


The environmental, technological and societal climate in which we live is changing rapidly. The fundamental question on how long we can predict into the future is more relevant than ever, and it can no longer be formulated under the assumption of a stationary climate. The past decades have witnessed a transformation in observations, modelling paradigms, uncertainty quantification and information systems. 

This seminar will provide an overview of these different aspects, including the understanding of predictability across time scales, advances in forecasting systems, recent technological break-throughs in cloud computing and machine learning, as well as forecast communication. 

This seminar is intended as a meeting point  for the weather and climate communities  by identifying common science and infrastructure challenges that need tackling in order to meet society demands for weather and climate information.

The seminar is part of ECMWF's educational programme and is aimed at early career scientists as well as more established scientists.


Registration will open in September 2024. We will invite attendees to present posters at the Annual Seminar describing their latest work on the theme of the seminar.