Machine learning for numerical weather predictions and climate services – A workshop for Member and Co-operating States

| 14-16 April 2021

Workshop overview

This virtual workshop aims to update ECMWF’s Member and Co-operating States about current machine learning efforts at ECMWF and to allow for the active involvement in the realisation of ECMWF's machine learning roadmap. The workshop will allow for active discussions and aims to collect feedback from the Member and Co-operating States. The workshop will include a presentation and discussion of ECMWF’s machine learning roadmap, an overview on software and hardware developments that are currently ongoing to facilitate the use of machine learning, and presentations of machine learning projects at ECMWF as well as at the Member and Co-operating States.


This workshop is restricted to Member and Co-operating State users at ECMWF and also ECMWF staff.

If you meet this criteria and wish to attend the workshop, please complete the registration form.