Hackathon 2022: Visualising Meteorological Data

ECMWF | Reading, UK | 11-12 June 2022

This event was held in-person at ECMWF in Reading (UK)

There was 37 participants across 9 teams. The Show & Tell at 14:30 on Sunday 12th June 2022 was livestreamed and recorded.

The recordings are available to watch on Vimeo (in order of presentation):

Green Code

Deep Convection and ENSO

#isitnormal (winner)


Earth, Wind and Graphs

Parallel Universes

Data Farmer

High Res TC


Thank you to all who participated in Hackathon 2022!

The aim of Hackathon 2022 was to explore how meteorological data, weather and climate, can be visualised to be more useable, understandable and impactful for users and the broader public.

This was not your usual Hackathon. We were looking for a wide range of experience to help with the challenges, ideas and projects. We we looking for coders, designers, data wranglers, meteorologists, storytellers, journalists...or anyone with an interest in meteorological data and visualisation - this was the event for you.

A GitHub page was been set up for the event to facilitate pre-event idea discussions and team building.

A variety of data and ECMWF experts were provided throughout the weekend to help with participants with ideas and development of projects.

The event was the weekend following the Using ECMWF Forecasts (UEF2022) event on the same theme and those attending this event were encouraged to join in with Hackathon 2022.

#VisMetHack @ECMWF