WarmWorld Kick-Off Meeting

ECMWF | Bonn | 8-9 December 2022


The BMBF project WarmWorld held its kickoff meeting on 8-9 December 2022 at the new ECMWF facility in Bonn, Germany.

WarmWorld will restructure the Earth-system modelling enterprise to best make use of advances in information technology to compute and evaluate kilometer-scale climate trajectories. By further developing an ICON based storm-and-eddy-resolving Earth-system (SR-ESM) model, WarmWorld will develop innovative workflows to make the information contained within the projected trajectories transparent to application communities. At the same time it will help harmonise national and international efforts to provide, disseminate, learn from, and use the highest possible quality of climate information.

The project features four modules:

  • Better will define a system that can effectively enable and harvest the additional information content SR-ESMs can provide.
  • Faster will restructure the software stack to enable a scalable development that allows the simulation systems to compute more efficiently, and hence faster.
  • Easier will define and create workflow that makes both using SR-ESMs and integrating them with other information sources easier, including for application communities.
  • Smarter will draw on expertise from math and informatics to develop accelerators for the simulation and workflow systems, in effect making the overall systems smarter.

WarmWorld seeks to build on ECMWF’s experience in handling of large datasets and service delivery to researchers and users. It will also seek synergies with ECMWF’s software stack for the harmonisation of access to information across the two SR-ESMs which are developped in nextGEMS, and which will form the core of the Climate Change Adaptation Digital Twin in DestinE (ICON and IFS-FESOM).

This meeting officially kicked off WarmWorld and brought together the working groups involved in the project itself, as well as the larger community working in associated projects: ACROSS, nextGEMS (Horizon2020), Destination Earth (DestinE), EERIE (Horizon Europe), EXCLAIM (Swiss national funding).