20th ECMWF workshop on high performance computing in meteorology

Call for Abstracts

  • Opening day
  • Submission deadline

We invite contributions on the follow topics:

  • Opportunities presented by heterogenous computing ecosystems (from on-premise through to cloud based service integration)
  • Diversifying workflows
  • Porting of weather and climate codes to heterogeneous architectures
  • Emerging high-performance computing technologies and associated operational considerations (including energy awareness)
  • Challenges in diversifying and identifying technical expertise
  • Aligning conventional HPC & ML techniques to benefit weather and climate
  • Digital twins of the Earth

These topics are not exhaustive but aim to provide guidance to allow the agenda to be appropriately collated If you have a proposal that would align with the theme of “Diversifying HPC” opportunities, please do submit an abstract submission for consideration by the organising committee. We are keen to receive submissions that will allow interactive Bird-of-a-Feather style formats for some sessions in the agenda to openly debate some of the global common challenges facing HPC and the NWP communities whilst we have experts from the sites to pool their knowledge and understanding to exchange ideas.

Please note that submitting an abstract is NOT the same as registering for the event; this must be done separately via the registration form which you will find by looking in the left-hand menu for this event.

The call for abstracts is closed.