5th workshop on waves and wave-coupled processes

ECMWF | Reading | 10-12 April 2024

Group photo (HD)


Over the years, it has become clear that ocean surface waves play a critical role in the Earth System, modulating many surface exchanges as well as acting in both atmospheric and oceanic boundary layers. Accounting for their impact in weather and climate systems has recently attracted renewed interest. However, the actual modelling of wave-coupled processes, analysis and observation of ocean surface waves role in the Earth System still require much attention.

Workshop description

After the previous four successful workshops in Melbourne, Qingdao, Hangzhou and Uppsala, ECMWF organised the 5th workshop on waves and wave-coupled processes in Reading, aiming to foster discussion and collaboration within this field among the wider community. This meeting was conducted in plenary, with time reserved for discussion to identify key research and technological questions relevant for the uptake of relevant wave information in Earth System models.

The workshop aimed to cover the following topics:

  • Dynamics of ocean waves.
  • Air-sea fluxes and atmospheric wave boundary layer.
  • Wave influences in the upper ocean.
  • Wave-sea-ice interactions.
  • Wave-current interactions.
  • Wave-coupled processes in extreme conditions.
  • Wave-coupled effects in gas transfer and aerosol production.
  • Wave-coupled role in ocean biogeochemistry, and other air-sea interface processes.
  • Coupling strategies.