5th workshop on waves and wave-coupled processes

Keynote speakers

Dynamics of ocean waves
Prof. Nobuhito Mori (Disaster Prevention Research Institute, Kyoto University, Japan)

Air-sea fluxes and atmospheric wave boundary layer
Dr. Peter Janssen (Senior Advisor, Coupled Processes Team, ECMWF)

Wave influences in the upper ocean
Prof. Øyvind Breivik (Division for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology, Norwegian Meteorological Institute and Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen, Norway)

Wave-sea-ice interactions
Dr. Erick Rogers (Ocean Dynamics and Prediction Branch, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, U.S.A.)

Wave-current interactions
Dr. Trygve Halsne (Division for Oceanography and Marine Meteorology, Norwegian Meteorological Institute)

Wave-coupled processes in extreme conditions
Prof. Shuyi Chen (Atmospheric Sciences Associate Dean for Research, College of the Environment University of Washington, U.S.A.)

Wave-coupled effects in gas transfer and aerosol production and other air-sea interface processes
Dr. Sophia Brumer (Laboratoire d’arologie, Toulouse, France)

Coupling strategies
Dr. Hendrik Tolman (Office of Science and Technology Integration, National Weather Service, NOAA, Maryland, U.S.A.)