Virtual Event: Using ECMWF's Forecasts (UEF2020)

User Voice Corner


Tim Hewson (ECMWF)


The User Voice Corner at UEF2020 provides an opportunity for everyone who uses ECMWF data, products and services to provide feedback on these, discuss improvements and suggest ideas for the future. Due to the virtual nature of this year’s UEF the User Voice Corner will all be held online through a combination of presentations, breakout groups and forums.

The User Voice Corner will begin with a presentation by Tim Hewson (Forecast Performance and Products) summarising the responses to the User Voice Survey, which all registered UEF attendees had the opportunity to complete. Tim will highlight where work related to your feedback, ideas and suggestions is underway and if it is in future plans. Some topics will be chosen to be discussed further in the breakout groups.

The breakout groups will be led by ECMWF experts in the relevant topic areas. Links to ‘virtual breakout rooms’ will be provided to all attendees so they can join the breakout group/s they are most interested in. Forums for each topic area will also be available for comments and text discussions between attendees. During the breakouts the topic will be discussed in detail, this is where you as users are key, we would like your input and suggestions to improve products and services related to the topic.

After the User Voice Corner breakout group leads will post summaries of the discussions onto the forum for further comment.

We strongly encourage participation and look forward to your feedback and engagement during the discussions!

Presentation materials