Virtual Event: Using ECMWF's Forecasts (UEF2020)

Linkage from Research to Operational activity


Dr Jens Bonewitz (DWD)


The topic and aim is how can work the improved know how transfer from research in theoretical meteorology to apply in operational practise (synoptical approach). And the opposite case - providing of case studies with meaningful results from behalf of synoptic, meso- and subgrade scale and their interpretation with different conceptional models as well as current model physics and parametrisations in global and high resolution models. In short this means double feedback from theoretical and practical meteorology and use of synergies between conceptional models on the one hand and applying the state of art on behalf of model physics on the other hand. Such approach can lead to discover of new (external) or adaptation of existing parameters, related to enhancement of operational forecast through differential analysys and interpretation of synoptical deviations and nonhomogeneties (discovered and approved with case studies) with the support of physics and mathematics. Results can be p.e. enhanced parametrisation or new explicit model calculations (i.e. different or adapted forcings) and so improved weather forecasting (for short and medium range weather forecast) and also better understandig of physical and chemical processes in the atmosphere and ocean as well as the complexe interactions between it and within it.

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