Virtual Event: Using ECMWF's Forecasts (UEF2020)

Improving the Research to Operations process at ECMWF


Jenny Rourke (ECMWF) Michael Sleigh (ECMWF)


Mike Sleigh and myself would like to either co-chair a workshop or give a joint presentation on the work going on at ECMWF to improve the R2O process. We would like to discuss this more with the organiser(s) to see what would fit best into the programme. Topics to include:
- Overview of the current R2O process at ECMWF
- Identifying ways we can improve the process
- Our current focus to improve R2O, including the development of a d-suite
- Options for the future, would it be better to do more frequent smaller updates rather than the big cycle upgrades?
We would welcome feedback and ideas from the attendees, hence we are open to the idea of more of a workshop, or panel discussion rather than just a presentation.

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