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DATACLIME, an interactive multi-user platform for designing your climate solution


Dr Giuliana Barbato (Fondazione CMCC, REMHI Division)


CLIME is a climate service developed by Regional Models and geo-Hydrological Impacts (REMHI) division of CMCC Foundation (Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change). CLIME service can be used to evaluate several high-resolution climate data for different goals that can be supporting users with different expertise and requirement in their climate analysis and improving understanding of climate impacts through different solutions designed together users. In the framework of CLARA project (funded by European Commission, Horizon 2020), the new release of CLIME has been designed as an interactive multi-user platform obtained by introducing several functionalities and additional climate data made available by different data providers.
One important aspect of this service is the ability to manage the whole information production chain: from the climate data collection/storage since processing of climate data according to user needs. The processing of climate data includes bias correction and climate analyses using the high resolution climate projections. CLIME is also able to provide climate data in support of different impact studies (e.g. floods, drought, landslides, heat waves, wind storm). The release of CLIME service is constituted by a web flexible platform, whose main functionality are: easy access to different climate data with user guide step-by step; customized climate analysis on different temporal and spatial scale; the possibility to have output in different format to be easly readable by other software.The functionalities are continuously updated in agreement with the standard of scientific community, CMCC finding and users requirements. Currently CMCC has a dedicated email ( and a webpage (
This platform is targeted to different user’s typologies, mainly working in the field of climate change adaptation: researcher, consultancy companies, private firms and policy makers. CLIME can support public local administration in an easier integration of climate change conditions and effects into plans and programs

Primary authors

Dr Giuliana Barbato (Fondazione CMCC, REMHI Division) Dr Paola Mercogliano (Fondazione CMCC, REMHI Division ) Dr Veronica Villani (Fondazione CMCC) Dr Alessandra Lucia Zollo (Via Maiorise s.n.c, 81043 Capua (CE) Italy)

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