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Clara-PWA: a knowledge service for water management


Ms Elisa Comune (Arpae)


PWA (Parma River Basin Water Assessment) service has been developed within H2020 Clara Project related to application of Climate Services; this service aims to integrate climate, hydrological, water quality and habitat observations and simulations, including climate projections. PWA has been implemented in the Parma river basin, and has a special focus on water quality, habitat evaluation, sediment transport and water allocation. The service will support actors involved in land and water design, management and planning activities, being able to compare different scenarios deriving from observations, forecasts and climate change impact projections. PWA service, developed with attention to market opportunities and stakeholders needs, will be demonstrated through a multiservice platform, where an interactive system enables data discovery, data access and sharing of results according to international standards. Future enhancement of current activities and further developments, will contribute to a better knowledge of water bodies and priorities of action along water courses and within river basins in all their complexity.

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