Virtual Event: Using ECMWF's Forecasts (UEF2020)

ECMWF Future Plans: Reading, Bologna and Global Forecasting


Florian Pappenberger (ECMWF)


ECMWF provides its users around the world with predictions for days, weeks and seasons ahead at a level of accuracy and reliability second to none. The Centre owes this leading position to a combination of collaborative principles, top-level professionals, powerful HPC capacities and a strong user focus.

This talk will present ECMWF plans and provide updates on ongoing work programmes. Current progress and timeline for the Bologna Our New Datacentre will be shown, and an overview of operational plans will be given. Updates on model and software developments including the new model cycle 47r1 and new and updated ECMWF products and services including Copernicus will be presented.

Presentation materials