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Capgemini’s AsSISt airline maintenance service, powered by CAMS


Carine Saüt (Capgemini)Mr Nicolas Estival (Capgemini)


AsSISt is the solution led by Capgemini in collaboration with INERIS and Barcelona Supercomputing Center to offer aircraft maintenance improvement via the related impact of particles during flights and on ground.
The service provides indicators to help airlines companies, aircraft manufacturers with a precise monitoring of the plane exposure to harmful particles and then allowing them to potentially optimize aircraft maintenance plans.
AsSISt delivers indicators such as corrosion, abrasion and blockage, supporting maintenance and repair overhaul services taking into account any disturbance of the environment, enabling a near real time monitoring along the flight track or for an ensemble of flight tracks, for past of future flight in forecast mode.
AsSISt does not require any instrumentation over aircraft, and the tool is based only on flight paths data set and on the Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Services related information.

Primary authors

Carine Saüt (Capgemini) Mr Nicolas Estival (Capgemini)

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