Virtual Event: Using ECMWF's Forecasts (UEF2020)

Data-driven climate communication - the example of the European State of the Climate 2019


Freja Vamborg (ECMWF)


In her presentation, Freja will focus on C3S activities that relate to data-driven climate communication, demonstrating how in an operational chain data is transformed into information products of various types and with different target audiences. The main use case will be the European State of the Climate report for 2019, which was published in April 2020. The presentation will showcase how the report strives towards providing a transparent and traceable chain from the different data sources to the information products within the report. The presentation will also use the results of the report to reflect on how to communicate this type of information to a wide range of audiences. Freja will also briefly discuss how the content of the report is used for further communication activities, such as for the Copernicus media partnerships with Euronews and CNN.

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