RFI 2022

Reading, UK | 14-18 February 2022

We are continually monitoring the COVID-19 situation and how it may impact the workshop. We will next review the format of this workshop on 10 December. We appreciate that this uncertain situation may affect planning and travel arrangements and we thank you for your patience. When making travel arrangements we recommend you book with an airline offering fully flex tickets as standard and book accommodation that has free cancellation.

A workshop to promote scientific use of spectrum under the URSI in collaboration with ECMWF

With the ever growing demand for electromagnetic spectrum by commercial radio services, Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) is increasing and now represents one of the major threats to scientific uses of the spectrum. This is particularly true for passive applications such as radio astronomy, microwave remote sensing of the Earth and space weather applications, and meteorology, where highly sensitive measurements are necessary and can be easily corrupted by RFI. It is also a problem for active instruments (e.g., radar systems) and in the transfer of data between satellite sensors and the ground.

Protecting the spectrum for science, while at the same time accommodating the needs of commercial telecommunication, is a growing challenge. RFI 2022 is the sixth in a series of workshops dealing with Radio Frequency Interference, the first of which took place in Bonn, Germany, in 2001. The primary goal will be to examine cases of observed RFI and report the latest research on detecting and reducing the impact of interference in radio astronomy and remote sensing. At the same time, this workshop will aim to promote interaction, exchange of ideas and points of views, and cooperation between researchers, engineers and users from all radio science disciplines dealing with RFI, uniting them under the common goal of working on solutions to minimise the impact of interference on users of the radio spectrum. The challenges of spectrum management and new technologies to accommodate competing interests will also be considered.

Authors participating in the RFI 2022 workshop will have the opportunity to submit a paper on their work for publication as part of the conference proceedings after peer review.