RFI 2022


Radio Frequency Interference in the SMAP Radiometer Alexandra Bringer (Ohio State University)
DDC Pool: Efficient down-conversion of signals for RFI monitoring Nicholas Bruce (University of Victoria)
Real Time Aircraft Monitoring Above the GMRT Array Pravin Ashok Raybole (NCRA-TIFR)
Characterization of the RFI Environment at DRAO : The Classical Approach T.K. Gunaratne (NRC Canada)
RFI Simulation and Mitigation for the DSA-2000 Gregory Hellbourg (California Institute of Technlogy)
RFI Mitigation via Auto-Encoder Framework in SAR Data Yan Huang (State Key Lab of Millimeter Waves)
Polarization Sensitive Array Reconfiguration Method Based on Antenna Selection for GNSS Interference Supression Yandong Sun (Northwestern Polytechnial University)
Development of wideband feed with sharp cut-off frequency OMT for RFI Hideki Ujihara (RISH of Kyoto University)
Fast RFI Database Yu Wang (National Astronomical Observatories Chinese Academy of Sciences)