Annual Seminar 2022

ECMWF | Reading | 12-16 September 2022

Challenging physics in seamless predictions


In this year's Annual Seminar we took up the challenges in physics across forecast model resolutions and times scales from the 12-hour 4D-Var window in data assimilation to the seasonal prediction range. Improving these forecasts requires challenging the physics itself, whether it be the underlying processes and their mathematical formulation, scale awareness, interactions between the Earth and the Atmosphere, new observational datasets and/or new forecast products required by the end user.

The programme consisted of nine sessions that were followed up in the afternoon by poster sessions, where attendees were invited to present their latest work. The sessions covered:

  • Turbulent processes in the boundary-layer and free atmosphere
  • Air-sea exchange
  • Atmospheric shallow and deep convection
  • The physics dynamics interface and gravity waves
  • Microphysics and clouds
  • Radiation
  • The land surface and orographic drag
  • Stochastic physics and lessons learned from global km-scale simulations, respectively.

Bringing together this exciting community, we enjoyed lively discussions and new physical insights.