18th Workshop on high performance computing in meteorology

ECMWF | Reading | 24-28 September 2018

Workshop description

Every second year ECMWF hosts a workshop on the use of high performance computing in meteorology. High performance computer architectures are becoming ever more complex which presents significant challenges for the ongoing development of operational meteorological applications.

The 18th workshop on high performance computing in meteorology took place at ECMWF, Reading, UK, 24-28 September 2018.

This workshop looked especially at scalability and I/O of weather and climate applications on HPC systems.

In particular we invited presentations addressing the following topics related to weather and climate applications:

  •     Modelling mathematics and numerical methods
  •     Programming models and domain-specific languages (DSL)
  •     High performance I/O and post-processing
  •     Operational use of HPC in weather and climate
  •     Machine learning and data analytics
  •     Large dataset visualisation

Workshop aims

Our aim is to provide a venue where users from our Member States and around the world can report on their experience and achievements in the field of high performance computing during the last two years; plans for the future and requirements for computing power were also presented.