19th Workshop on high performance computing in meteorology

| 20-24 September 2021

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the workshop has changed to a virtual-only format.

Towards Exascale Computing in Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP)

Workshop description

Every second year ECMWF hosts a workshop on the use of high performance computing in meteorology.

The workshop brings together experts in high-performance computing from across the national weather centres, academia and industry to discuss and present recent developments in high-performance computing for weather forecasting applications.

The theme of this workshop is "Towards Exascale Computing in Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP)" and will focus on the challenges and opportunities that exascale computing presents for the weather and climate community. Exascale architectures are likely to be heterogeneous and accelerated. As a result, we invite presentations that highlight experiences of porting parts of or an entire forecasting model to accelerators.

Improving the scalability and performance of weather applications has always been a key theme of the ECMWF HPC workshops. We therefore invite talks on topics such as reduced precision for climate and weather applications, overlapping computation and communication, coupling or Earth system models, optimization of I/O patterns as well as system level tuning for enabling higher performance of operational weather models.

The trend away from centralized on-premise facilities towards the cloud has been prevalent across the IT industry. However, deciding which services are more suitable to be offloaded to the cloud and which are more amenable to on-premise infrastructure remains a contentious topic. For this year’s workshop, we invite talks from practitioners and experts on both sides of the debate to present challenges and opportunities of using cloud computing for the production of operational weather forecasts.

The high-performance computing industry has always played an important role in the ECMWF HPC workshop and this year is no different. We invite talks from vendors on emerging high-performance computing technologies and their respective roadmaps towards Exascale and beyond as well as the implications that these could have for weather forecasting models.

Workshop key topics

  • International Exascale efforts in NWP
  • Scalability and performance tuning of large scale weather applications
  • Porting of weather and climate codes to heterogeneous architectures
  • Emerging high-performance computing technologies
  • Potential of cloud computing for meteorological applications
  • Digital twins of the Earth

The workshop will consist of keynote talks from invited speakers, 20-30 minute overview talks and expert presentations as well as a panel discussion.

Workshop aims

Our aim is to provide a forum where users from our Member States and around the world can report on recent experience and achievements in the field of high performance computing; plans for the future and requirements for computing power will also be presented.


This workshop is open to national weather services of ECMWF's Member and Co-operating States, to other major meteorological centres, and to users and manufacturers of super-computers.

Registration and abstract submission

If you wish to attend this workshop, please complete the registration form.

We are seeking abstract submissions for 20-30 minute oral presentations. Contributions should focus on the above key topics. If you wish to submit an abstract, please complete the abstract submission form.