Joint ECMWF/OceanPredict workshop on Advances in Ocean Data Assimilation

ECMWF | Reading | 17-20 May 2021

COVID-19 (coronavirus) update

5 June 2020

We are constantly monitoring the COVID-19 situation and hope that the workshop will go ahead as planned. However, if the situation has not improved sufficiently to guarantee safe travel and a safe meeting environment, we will endeavour to hold the event online. We will keep all registered attendees and abstract submitters informed.

Workshop objectives

This workshop aims to bring together experts in the field of ocean and coupled data assimilation to discuss the latest progress in the field, to outline the main challenges and to identify new directions for research.


Ocean data assimilation underpins many forecasting and reanalysis applications. Seasonal forecasts rely on ocean data assimilation to produce initial conditions for the ocean component of coupled forecasts. The production of multi-decadal ocean and coupled reanalyses has enabled the calibration of these forecasts and allows studies into the climate of the ocean’s recent past. Higher resolution global and regional short-range forecasts of the ocean also require initialisation through data assimilation which has been the focus of groups contributing to the Data Assimilation Task Team (DA-TT) of OceanPredict. With the advent of coupled NWP at many operational centres, including ECMWF, improving methods for ocean and coupled data assimilation is ever more important.

Meeting format

The workshop will take place over 4 days.

While the meeting will be physically located at ECMWF, attendance by video conference will also be possible.

The first 3 days will consist of invited and contributed oral presentations.  Contributed talks will be selected through the abstract submission process.

Poster presentations will also be included with dedicated poster sessions.

A series of working group discussions will take place on the 4th day with a final plenary session to discuss the main recommendations.