Joint ECMWF/OceanPredict workshop on Advances in Ocean Data Assimilation


The workshop will be structured around the following themes:

  1. Ocean and coupled reanalysis
  2. Coupled data assimilation (ocean, atmosphere, sea-ice, waves, biogeochemistry, etc)
  3. Data assimilation methods (algorithmic developments in variational, ensemble and hybrid DA, covariance modelling, etc)
  4. Applications of machine learning in data assimilation
  5. Model error (estimation, representation in variational and ensemble DA, etc)
  6. Assimilation of novel observations (i.e. under-utilized observations and upcoming missions)
  7. Recent assimilation infrastructure developments (e.g. OOPS, JEDI, future HPCs, etc)
  8. Development and assessment of data assimilation in forecasting applications (global and regional)