Joint ECMWF/OceanPredict workshop on Advances in Ocean Data Assimilation

Call for Abstracts

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Abstracts are invited for the themes listed below.

Please submit your abstract(s) by 7 February 2021, and indicate if you prefer an oral or poster presentation.

When submitting your abstract please also indicate which theme your abstract refers to.

If you would like to submit more than one abstract, you need to complete a separate form for each abstract. Please note there is a maximum of 3 abstracts per submitter.

1. Ocean and coupled reanalysis
2. Coupled data assimilation (ocean, atmosphere, sea-ice, waves, biogeochemistry, etc)
3. Data assimilation methods (algorithmic developments in variational, ensemble and hybrid DA, covariance modelling, etc)
4. Applications of machine learning in data assimilation
5. Model error (estimation, representation in variational and ensemble DA, etc)
6. Assimilation of novel observations (i.e. under-utilized observations and upcoming missions)
7. Recent assimilation infrastructure developments (e.g. OOPS, JEDI, future HPCs, etc)
8. Development and assessment of data assimilation in forecasting applications (global and regional)

Please note that submitting an abstract is not the same as registering for the workshop; this must be done by separately via the registration form which you will find by looking in the left-hand menu for this event.

The call for abstracts is open
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