Workshop on hydrological prediction and applications

| 29 June 2021 to 1 July 2021

ECMWF will host a 3-day virtual workshop on hydrological prediction and applications.

The first day will be a "Global hydrological forecasting workshop" aimed at presenting and discussing recent advances in global hydrological modelling used in water cycle predictions in medium and seasonal ranges, and in monitoring applications such as global reanalysis. A particular emphasis will be given to operational and pre-operational systems and services of the Copernicus Programme (CEMS and C3S).

The second and third days will be organized by the Hydrological Ensemble Prediction EXperiment (HEPEX) and the Global Flood Partnership (GFP). The focus will be on ensemble-based approaches for forecasting and monitoring hydrological extremes, flood monitoring and mapping, and supporting water resources and flood risk management. Using the same virtual platform, the event will engage the wider research and user community through a range of talks, poster and debate sessions. It will be co-organised by the Joint Research Center of the European Commision, entrusted entity of CEMS.

Further information to follow.