Using ECMWF's Forecasts (UEF2023)


This page lists all poster files provided to ECMWF for this event.

Using ECMWF's Ensemble Products and Forecasts at DWD (German Weather Service)
Markus Eifried (German Weather Service DWD)
Using Ensemble Forecasts in Met Éireann
Padraig Flattery (Met Eireann)
Development of early warnings for precipitation-induced hazards in Central Asia by application of ECWMF forecast products
Gavkhar Mamadjanova (University of Reading)
Showcasing the use of ensembles in operational flood forecasting - the examples of EFAS and GloFAS
Karen O'Regan (ECMWF)
Towards the deterministic use of the regional ensemble forecasts at the Japan meteorological agency
Kosuke Ono (Japan meteorological agency)
Visualising Probabilistic Forecasts - Exploring Opportunities
Christoph Spirig (MeteoSwiss)
Providing precipitation accumulation forecasts with a probabilistic approach to help farmers during the severe drought episode of summer 2022 in France
Bachar Tarraf (CNRM, Météo France)
Analysis of seasonal climate and streamflow forecasts performance for Mainland Southeast Asia
Ubolya Wanthanaporn